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Plus 8000 Wicket Keeping Gloves

Plus 8000 Camo  Wicket Keeping Gloves

Plus 8000 WK is manufactured for an integral part of the game who are wicket keepers. This pair features a cool blue colorway, a vibrant and attention grasping product that makes a beautiful combination with the half-white exterior of the glove. It’s an ideal pair for the cricketers of today’s era. It is made of cowhide leather which adds up to durability and reliability and indeed they are long-lasting gloves. Being a wicketkeeper, you would never want to replace them quite soon.  The implantation of foam and protection fiber on the fingertips makes this glove safe heaven for hands. Its T shape webbing enhances the catching area. Mostly when there needs to happen one-handed catches which require more minor reaches. It is a perfect product for both, international and national level cricketers. So this is another masterpiece, an output of our keen designers who are keen observers and aware of the requirements of cricketers and cricket of this era.

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